Google Tag Manager

You can integrate ConsentFriend with the Google Tag Manager (GTM) quite easy and control consents for Google Analytics with ConsentFriend via the GTM. The demo callback scripts in the googleTagManager service already contain the necessary code for this.

First, change the googleAnalytics service and delete the code block there. This also applies to other existing and newly defined services that you want to control via the GTM. You only need to list the cookies that these services set.

Now create a Google Analytics tag in the GTM web UI. As a trigger, create a custom event trigger named consentfriend-googleAnalytics-accepted. This will ensure that GTM only loads the Google Analytics service if the user has given consent for it via ConsentFriend. And that's it!

ConsentFriend now manages GTM and ensures that only services that the user has given consent for via ConsentFriend are loaded.

Important! To add another service via GTM, first enable or create a service in ConsentFriend and simply define a custom event trigger of the form consentfriend-[service-name]-accepted, where [service-name] is the name of the service in the ConsentFriend configuration.