System Settings

ConsentFriend contains some system settings in the consentfriend namespace.

These are available in the MODX system settings panel and in the settings tab (gear icon) of the ConsentFriend custom manager page.

Key Name Description Default
consentfriend.accept_all Show ‘Accept all’ If enabled, ConsentFriend will show an ‘Accept all’ button in the consent manager modal, which will enable all third-party services if the user clicks on it. If disabled, there will be only an ‘Accept selected’ button that will only enable the services that are enabled in the consent manager modal. Yes
consentfriend.cookie_domain Cookie Domain You can change the cookie domain for the consent manager itself. Use this if you want to get consent once for multiple matching domains. By default, ConsentFriend will use the current domain. Only relevant if storageMethod is set to cookie. -
consentfriend.cookie_expires_after_days Cookie Expiration Set a custom expiration time in days for the ConsentFriend cookie. Only relevant if storage_method is set to cookie. 365
consentfriend.cookie_name Cookie Name The name of the cookie or localStorage entry that ConsentFriend will use for storing the consent information. consentfriend
consentfriend.cronjob_id Cronjob ID String, that has to be added to the cronjob url as cronjob_id parameter. -
consentfriend.css_url CSS URL The CSS URL for ConsentFriend. If it is left blank, the Javascript URL will point to a script containing the default styles. -
consentfriend.debug Debug Log debug information in the MODX error log. No
consentfriend.default Default Defines the default state for services (true=enabled by default). No
consentfriend.disabled_templates Disabled Templates [Since 1.5.1] Comma-separated list of template ids where ConsentFriend is disabled. The result of the consentfriend.disabled_templates check supersedes the result of consentfriend.enabled_templates. -
consentfriend.element_id Element ID The ID of the DIV element that ConsentFriend will create when starting up. consentfriend
consentfriend.embedded Embedded If enabled, ConsentFriend will will render the consent manager modal and cookie notice without the modal background, allowing you to e.g. embed them into a specific element of your website, such as your privacy notice. No
consentfriend.enable Enable Enable ConsentFriend on this installation/context. No
consentfriend.enabled_templates Enabled Templates [Since 1.5.1] Comma-separated list of template ids where ConsentFriend is enabled. The result of the consentfriend.disabled_templates check supersedes the result of consentfriend.enabled_templates. -
consentfriend.group_by_purpose Group by Purpose If enabled, ConsentFriend will group services by their purpose in the consent manager modal. This is advisable if you have a large number of services. Users can then enable or disable entire groups of services instead of having to enable or disable every service. Yes
consentfriend.hide_decline_all Hide ‘Decline’ If enabled, ConsentFriend will hide the ‘Decline’ button in the cookie notice and force the user to open the consent manager modal in order to change his/her consent or disable all third-party services. We strongly advise you to not use this feature, as it opposes the ‘privacy by default’ and ‘privacy by design’ principles of the GDPR (but might be acceptable in other legislations such as under the CCPA). No
consentfriend.hide_learn_more Hide ‘View details’ If enabled, ConsentFriend will hide the ‘View details’ button in the consent notice. We strongly advise against using this under most circumstances, as it keeps the user from customizing his/her consent choices. No
consentfriend.hide_learn_more_required_only Hide ‘View details’ For ‘Required Only’ If enabled, ConsentFriend will hide the ‘View details’ button in the consent notice when all services are ‘required’. This can be useful for countries with less restrictive cookie consent laws, where you don’t have to tell which services the website is using. No
consentfriend.hide_powered_by Hide Powered By If enabled, ConsentFriend will hide the ‘Realized with ConsentFriend (Powered by Klaro!)’ link in the consent manager modal. No
consentfriend.html_texts HTML Texts If enabled, ConsentFriend will render the texts given in the consentModal.description and consentNotice.description translations as HTML. This enables you to e.g. add custom links or interactive content. No
consentfriend.js_url Javascript Url The Javascript URL for ConsentFriend. -
consentfriend.log_usage Log Usage Log session-based usage of accepted and denied services from visitors with an anonymized IP address for later analysis. No
consentfriend.mmdb_database GeoIP2/GeoLite2 Database Type [Since 1.7.0] The type of the GeoIP2/GeoLite2 database (i.e. GeoLite2-ASN, GeoLite2-City or GeoLite2-Country). country
consentfriend.mmdb_license_key GeoIP2/GeoLite2 License Key [Since 1.7.0] The license key for downloading the GeoLite2 database. It can be found in the MaxMind account in the license keys section. -
consentfriend.mmdb_refresh Database Refresh Rate [Since 1.7.0] The refresh rate of the GeoIP2/GeoLite2 database in days. 30
consentfriend.must_consent Must Consent If enabled, ConsentFriend will directly display the consent manager modal and not allow the user to close it before having actively consented or declined the use of third-party services. No
consentfriend.no_autoLoad No Autoload [Since 1.2.0] If enabled, it will keep ConsentFriend from automatically loading itself when the page is being loaded. No
consentfriend.notice_as_modal Notice as Modal If enabled, ConsentFriend will show the cookie notice as modal. No
consentfriend.privacy_policy_id Privacy Policy ID The ID of a MODX resource containing the privacy policy. site_start
consentfriend.storage_method Storage Method How ConsentFriend persists consent information in the browser. Specify either cookie (the default) or localStorage. cookie
consentfriend.theme Theme The ConsentFriend theme. Can be changed to black, dark, light, white. -
consentfriend.use_contexts Use Contexts [Since 1.5.0] If enabled, ConsentFriend allows you to restrict the displayed and used services by context. No
consentfriend.use_cron Use Cron [Since 1.7.0] Use a web based cronjob for updating the GeoIP2/GeoLite2 database. No
consentfriend.use_geoip Use GeoIP [Since 1.7.0] Use the GeoIP2/GeoLite2 database to geolocate the IP of a visitor and output a location specific consent management. You need a MaxMind account for this service. No
consentfriend.user_agent_filter User Agent Filter Comma-separated list of user agent substrings that are not logged. -