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BabelTranslate simple but very useful MODX extra if you want to translate your multilingual sites with a translation service (currently it supports DeepL API Free and Pro).

BabelTranslate adds automatic translations to Babel. So you'll need to set up your contexts first, configure what to translate, and then you can use the Translate toolbar to translate the current ressource from a linked resource. Optionally, the translation can happen automatically when Babel creates a resource.

BabelTranslate can translate standard content fields (pagetitle, introtext, etc.), text and JSON-based TV types - and even ContentBlocks blocks! You need to define what to translate in a couple of system settings.

The volume of DeepL API Free translation is 500,000 characters per month, which is enough to translate 10-100 pages (depends a lot on the length of the content).

It is a perfect solution for users who want a well-translated content in multilingual sites.