The MODX installer should install the package automatically from the modmore repository.

A custom manager page called Agenda is installed within the Extras menu. Also, some snippets in the element category named Agenda are created.

There are some system settings available in the namespace agenda. These can also be edited in the settings (cog wheel icon) tab of the Agenda custom manager page.

If you want to connect events, categories, calendars or locations to MODX resources, you have to enter the parents of those resources in the system settings.

To use the map and the geolocation option in the location address tab, you have to enter a Google Maps API Key in the Agenda system setting agenda.google_maps_api_key. You have to activate the Maps JavaScript API and the Geocoding API in the created Google Cloud Platform project.

After the installation you have to set up a cronjob, if you want to use more than 100 repeats of a repeating event or if you want to set up feeds.