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Tab Overview

This tab contains a calendar view of the current month.

You can create a new event with a click on the plus sign at beneath the day number in the month view (or the date/weekday in the week/day view). There is also a create event button on the top left of the tab.

The calendar can be filtered by calendar or category dropdown selects and by a search input on the top right of the tab. It can also be filtered by the publication status of an event.

The arrow buttons on the top left can be used to switch the event month (in the month view). If you click on today, the calendar will show the current day in the selected view.

The view mode can be changed on top right to the month view, the week view, the day view and the list view.

Each event can be edited by a click on the edit icon displayed on an event. It can be deleted after a confirmation with a click on the trash icon.

There is also a hover popup for each event, that shows a short information for the hovered event.


The create/edit window for one event has a lot of options, that can be set.

Event Tab

In the event tab you have to set the event title and the event calendar, where the event is shown in. An event must have a start date/time and an end date/time, and it can have a location. The location can be created/edited directly on the event tab.

The event can be linked with a MODX resource. This combo field is only shown, when the system setting agenda.parents_event is filled with a comma separated list of resources, that are parents for the resources selectable with the combo field. This combo has a select, a preview and a quickedit button. The resource can be edited in a new window with an alt click on the quickedit button.

The event can be restricted to a context, it has to be tagged with at least one category, and it can be toggled to inactive. If the All Day Event checkbox is checked, the events don't have a time input.

If the event is set as repeating event, an additional section is visible. There you can set the repeating type. On base of the repeating type, you have different inputs visible.

With the interval the event repeats can be restricted to every X days/months/weeks/years. The repeats will be calculated until the date set in the last occurence input. There is a maximum of 100 repeating events that are generated during saving an event. This maximum can be changed with the optional createable agenda.repeating_max_occurance system setting. With the weekly repeating type, you can set the weekdays, where the event will start. The start date/time will then be recalculated on base of the first repeating event. With the monthly by weekday repeating type, you can set the event i.e. to the second wednesday or last tuesday of a month. With the custom repeating type, you can create your own event dates in the repeats grid.

The fields on the event tab can be extended by the Extended Event Fields system setting.

Repeats Tab

In the repeats tab you can view the repeats of the current event. You can edit and delete each repeat. If the repeat type is custom you can add your own event dates. The title column of a repeat is light gray, when is uses the default title. When one field of the repeat does not use the default value, the modified column contains a green tick.

The grid can be toggled to show past/future repeats. It also can be filtered by a search input on the top right above the repeats grid.

During editing a repeat, you can change the repeat dates, the title and the description for each repeat.

The fields in the repeat edit window can be extended by the Extended Repeat Fields system setting.

The repeats are marked to be reset, when the repeat options of an event are changed or the event dates are modified. When all repeating events will be changed or removed during saving the event a warning will be shown.

Description/Content Tab

In the description tab you can set the description for the current event. In the content tab you can set the content for the current event. The editor type of the content/description input can be set with the agenda.editor_type system setting to htmleditor (the system-wide richtext editor), modx-texteditor (the system-wide code editor) or textarea.

Images/Videos Tab

After an event is saved, you can attach images and videos to the saved event in the images/videos tab. Each image/video can have a title and a description. It can also be toggled to inactive.

User Tab

In the user tab you can restrict the event to multiple users and/or multiple usergroups.